Sheltie puppies facts


Sheltie Puppies – All You Wanted To Know About Sheltie Breed

The Shetland sheepdogs are better known as sheltie puppies. They resemble more like a miniature collie. They have along overcoat on the entire body with a frill like design around its neck. The coat of the Sheltie comes in various colors black, sable and many more.

These puppies are very affectionate. They are sweet and gentle in disposition. This lovable breed has a great herding instinct. They are more famous for the level of intelligence they possess. They make their presence felt to everybody by their persistent habit of barking. They are cautious of strangers. They should not be kept in a kennel kind of ambience as they are home bred and loves to remain with their owners.

Sheltie puppies are the ideal household pets as they have a great temperament that is very trainable. These are very active puppies. This breed does exceptional well for the purpose of herding. They live well in the county farms. High energy, spirited sheltie puppies do extremely well with children too. They are extremely obedient and easy to train. These small breeds of puppies need to do lot of running as they have within them a chasing instinct.

The grooming of the long overcoat of the sheltie puppies is very important. Regular and proper brushing is highly required. Sheltie puppies attempt to chew anything that comes in front if their nose.

Sheltie puppies are great companion and one would be amazed to see how a sheltie puppy could play wonderfully with toys just like your tiny tot.

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