Shih Tzu Chewing Problems

Shih Tzu Chewing

This is perhaps the most commonly seen behavioral issues among the canines- chewing issues. In fact every single dog passes this stage as it is pretty normal for them to chew on pretty everything while their teeth is still in the process of eruption. However there are reasons behind it, and as owners we must understand them. If we get to understand the causes we may understand how to deal with the situation. It is not a wise idea to get impatient and angry and scold your pet in order to make them cope up with chewing issues.

Whenever you see chewing problem in dogs always keep three letters in mind-TBA. These three reasons -Teething, Boredom and Aggression are the main causes why the dogs have these problems. In this stage, you really have to keep the patience and understanding with your dog going on as this won’t be an easy time for your dog as well. It will be experiencing discomfort and pain that makes him chew anything that his teeth can get hold of. To control this situation the Shih Tzu needs to be placed in an enclosed area where they can be controlled easily and you can place chewing toys for them. These chewing toys should be of the appropriate size, should fit the shape of mouth of the puppy and better of – frozen-able. Frozen chew toys can minimize the pain on the gums of the dogs and causes more comfort. They should have some tentacle styled extensions for better grip and control.

Lack of social communication and unhealthy style of life leads to boredom. Dogs are by nature energetic beings and ideally should be provided with ways by which they can utilize their energy. If there is no such means then they will exhibit behavioral problems like destructive chewing. To rectify these conditions you have to create plans for playing, eating, walking, exercising and even ‘play dates’ with other dogs.

Aggression creeps in when the dog is neglected and it does not have any socialization skills. Thus the dog has a tough time trusting anyone. This is usually caused by a harrowing experience from the past owner. In these condition the crucial thing is understanding. You have to train the dog in a slow and steady manner and must make the dog socialize and interact with other dogs. You have to make your pet understand that no one is going to hurt it and this time, you are worth its trust. In case nothing else works out, then take help of a professional dog trainer where you will get more expert guidance, training and observation.

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