Shih Tzu Dental Care

Shih Tzu Dental Care

As pet owners one of the most neglected duties towards the dogs are the dental requirements. This may sound like a trivial task but if ignores this may cause serious ill effects to your pet’s health especially in the dog’s old age. The dog will stop eating due to pain caused by unhealthy and loosened teeth and infections in the gums and in the worst case may die due to starvation and dehydration. You must understand that dog’s dental care is as important as its other needs. So keep in mind the following tips so that you can prevent your dog’s dental issues and improve the health its teeth.

First of all, it does not matter if your Shih Tzu is a newly acquired puppy or a 5 year old dog- it is never too late to commence with its dental protection. What actually matters is that you do it and avoid painful conditions for your pet. Firstly you have to train your dog to let you touch its teeth. This is crucial as you need to have access to your dog’s teeth for every dental care activity. If you are careless or your dog is not habituated to you touching its teeth it may get surprised and may even bite you. Just try to utter words like “Teeth” and whenever you touch its face and also give rewards to your dog every time it lets you touch its face. This will let your dog know that it has done something good. The key this here is that you have to be consistent. While you are training ensure that you visit the vet with your pet and get it checked for any formation of calculus [the yellow hard crust near the gums formed on the surface of the teeth] and plaque. In case you observe any symptoms of gum reddening, swelling, jaw fractures and loosened teeth consult the vet immediately. These people are trained to treat serious medical conditions of your Shih Tzu and trust us these are serious conditions enough.

You should brush the teeth of your dog as regularly as you brush your won teeth.  In case your pert seems to take time to get accustomed to this new habit then, you should start by brushing once and then gradually pick up the count. There is no point using the same tooth paste as they won’t be as effective for removing plaque of dog’s teeth. You should also put dental rinse solutions in the dog water so that the teeth health is maintained. You can easily avail these in the nearby pet store and you will also find a lot of variety as far as dental merchandize for pets like toothpaste, toothbrush etc. are concerned.

Any dental conditions like dental cavities and gum infections can be always prevented. In case your dog shows these symptoms, do not worry, right measures will prevent them. The most important thing for you to understand is that as an owner you are not only to cuddle and play with your pet but also are supposed to take proper care, feed, bathe and provide a safe and caring environment. It may look trivial for some owners but you should remember that the dental health of your dog is vital and it requires attention. It is also a part of your responsibility as an owner.

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