Shih Tzu: Different Colors and Coat Types

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus are known to be the most diverse breeds when it comes to their coat and pattern. Black and white happens to be the most common color that the Shih Tzus can be seen in though other colors such as white, black, gold, brown, red or blue can also be associated with the breed.

That said, it is the black and white color that retains its lustre throughout the life span of the Shih Tzu while other colors tend to fade a bit as the dog puts on age. Seasonal changes also have an effect on the coat color though over all, even with the fading tendency, the color would still be there till the end.

The coat is also darker in the new born Shih Tzu besides being soft and silky to touch as well. As they grow older, the color too begins to change though it is much less marked in the black and white ones. It retains the soft and silky feel though.

The coat attains its adult size by the time the Shih Tzu becomes 10 month old. This is also the time for the hair to be clipped if you’d like it that way.

The hairs also tend to matt easily in the growing stage which makes it extremely important to brush your Shih Tzu every day during this phase. It can last for around three weeks though it is always best to brush them daily to ensure they remain nice and flowing. As the dog grows old, brushing frequency can be reduced to once a week though it can vary with individuals.

Also, the longer and softer the hair is, more are the chances of those getting matted. Naturally, longer hairs will require more grooming time while shorter ones generally require less of brushing.

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