Shih Tzu Exercise Requirements

Shih Tzu Exercise

Toy breeds – that’s what the category of breeds to which the Shih Tzu belongs is called. Almost all of the dogs of this breed have rather short legs and [except Chihuahua and the Miniature Pinscher] every one of them have that long coat. These animals may be small and may seem miniature but they do need exercise and the lack of physical exertion may cause obesity to creep in rather sooner than the other breeds. Read on to know about some simple advice and suggestions about to how to walk your little pet.

As per the time you can take out just take your Shih Tzu out for a walk once or twice a day. For a Shih Tzu a 30 minute session is quite good enough to cause enough cardiovascular metabolism and function. However in case you are taking a walk twice a day, then 15 minutes for each walk will be good enough.

It should be kept in mind that Shih Tzus are small animals and smaller animals have higher heart rate and metabolism rate. You also have to ensure that you stop on the way for regular intervals so that your dog can have enough time to relax and sniff so that it can overcome the exhaustion and fatigue. In case you see your Shih Tzu has slowed down or it shows increased salivation and heavy panting then understand that it needs rest and return home. Ensure that you have clean water available always with you for your dog.

In case you have a lot work and cannot find time to take your Shih Tzu out for a walk, then you need to allot a space for your dog as a play area where it can run around and play. The Shih Tzu can be left there for some time while you do what you deem fit and after it has done with its playing then it can return back inside the house. You can keep a lot of things like pulleys and chews, treadmill and toys etc. that the dog can exercise with. However if this is the case, you will have to let your dog away for 1- 11/2 hours daily for exercise. However keep a weather eye open- the body of a Shih Tzu are not built to deal with extreme weather fluctuations.

Always keep in mind that exercise is crucial for a dog to maintain its healthy life style. It is as important for you too – exercise. Dogs which are not exercised properly get obese quickly and develop cardiac problems at an early stage. They also show unpleasant behaviors like chewing, uncontrolled barking and other attention seeking activities.


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