Shih Tzu: Grooming Essentials

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus are a cute and adorable breed that you will love bringing one home. However, that also asks for bringing along a whole set of related paraphernalia to make the pup feel at home right from day one.

What also has to be kept in mind is that the pup is being separated from its doting mom, which is a cruel act in itself. You can make up for that by creating an environment that the pup will love being part of. And for that, you need to have in place the following items.

First things first. You will need two bowls to feed your pup. One is for water while the other bowl will have food. Also, the bowl should ideally be made of stainless steel which makes it the most durable. Bowls made of say, plastic, ceramic or glass are prone to get broken.

Also it is important the puppy is fed the same food it has been eating for the first few days before introducing a kibble type dry food in its routine.

A pet gate is also an essential item needed to mark out an area for your puppy to play to its heart’s content. However, care should be taken the area is clean and contains nothing that the pup can chew on or can cause harm to it.

Dogs also tend to sleep in a place that it believes is the safest. It is here that a crate comes in handy as a puppy crate can provide the pup with all that it longs for so that it can have good quality sleep. It is like earmarking an area for your puppy that it can call its own and is also the safest.

That said, some have different opinions on this and believe keeping the puppy confined in a crate is an inhuman act. Putting the puppy in the crate for the first time can also make it whine. It would seem as if the puppy is begging to be released from the crate. However, that is not the case and can feel relaxed and comfortable inside the crate so long as the puppy is sanguine you are near it.

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