Shih Tzu: Grooming tips that you can follow at home

Shih Tzu

The cute little dogs that Shih Tzus are, they also need quite a bit of grooming for it to sport the looks that you’d like it to have. That again calls for a long term commitment considering that Shih Tzus live really long.

From trimming their hair to brushing their teeth, they need complete care for them to look really trim and tidy. That sure can be hectic though there is always the option to fall back on a professional groomer to get the job done.

But then again that would be an opportunity lost in being really close to one of your most trusted friends of the four legged type. Shih Tzus are a very social breed and love being in the company of their owners. Grooming them on your own will perhaps be the best way to reciprocate that feeling and show them you love them too. What’s more, grooming them is no rocket science and can be done just as well at home as any professional groomer out there.

Mentioned here are a few simple tips to help you get started.

1. Brushing teeth:

One of the most common health issues faced by Shih Tzus is with their teeth. And the easiest and most effective way to deal with that is to brush their teeth daily.

2. Combing:

Combing shih tzu

One other thing that you need to do every day to your Shih Tzu is comb their thick furry coat. This will prevent the hair from getting tangled while the fur coat will also get cleaned up in the process as well.

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