Shih Tzu: Grooming

Shih Tzu grooming

It can be fun grooming your little Shih Tzu pup. However, it might not be the same the other way round. And it is also here that things can get a bit tricky. Proper grooming is as important for a Shih Tzu as say, a regular healthy diet. That said; trying to impose the same on the pup can have just the opposite effect.

The best approach can be to deal with the situation firmly, but in the gentlest manner. You have to be patient and wait till the pup feels relaxed while you go about combing and brushing its thick fur coat, clipping its nail, cleaning its eyes and ears and so on. Over time, the pup will begin liking it and will look forward to the time your spend grooming it.

It can be like gentle persuasions to fall in line with lots of hugging and cuddling in between. The entire session can also be broken up into smaller goals and you can reward the pup after the completion of each step. Each Shih Tzu has a personality of its own and over time, it will react to your moves in its own way.

That said; there are also those that are always eager to be groomed and love being pampered and taken care of.

As for the tools needed for grooming Shih Tzu, well its nothing too elaborate. For instance, a plastic comb will be enough to untangle their hairs while dog clippers would be just as fine for trimming needs.

Meanwhile, Shih Tzu owners often opt to trim their hair short. This saves a lot of time and efforts that long hairs otherwise calls for. Long hairs that get into the pup’s eye can also be detrimental to the health of the eyes. So if you don’t like trimming the hair off, you can pull them back and pin it with a clip on the top of the head.

Any which way you do it, the thing of utmost importance is that there is no substitute to a thorough grooming of your Shih Tzu.

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