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Shih Tzu

Giving a name to your dog involves a lot of research and a lot of choices. The name of your pet can be of name of famous personalities like Mark, Henry or Victoria or even the name of foodstuffs like Cupcake or Cookie or Smores. The choices out there are never ending. The best idea here is to have a chat with your friends and relatives and ensure that you zero on the perfect name. So here are some tips that you should remember while you choose a name for your pet.

The canines usually recognize the first syllable in their names. In case the name of your pet is Cupcake then he will only hear “Cup” and will react to it. So if you say Cupcake or just Cup the same pet will show response. So now that you know do not same your dogs with the same first syllable. As for example Victor or Victoria. This will lead to much confusion. More confusion kicks in when there is someone in the house with the same first syllable in the name. So it is better to use different first syllable for naming dogs and human beings.

Shih Tzu puppies

Ideally you should opt for a two syllable name as it is easy to pronounce when you train the dog. You will see that your commands will have a much powerful punch when you add your dog’s name to the instructions, as for example “Daisy, sit”. You should choose a name that will not be out of fashion after some time. Try not to choose names of cartoon characters as their names may not be recognizable after a few years from the present time. Surely you do not want to shout names that sound downright weird (like personalities from Star Trek series) in the time of Inception era. The most important thing here is to understand your love for the name. Try and understand that this is a name that you will be calling out a lot, in fact all throughout your dog’s life and even it may not sound that important it does matter. The name should be such that you should not feel embarrassed to speak in front of people of different age groups and are not awkward for any reason.

The selection of the name for your Shih Tzu is perhaps one the most enjoyable duties for any owner. So just go ahead and enjoy the experience.

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