Shih Tzu Obesity

Shih Tzu Obesity

One of the major reasons behind the demise of the dogs is dog obesity. At first the symptoms may not look threatening but as the age goes by the canine suddenly develops sudden cardiovascular and respiratory signs. You may think that this breathlessness and problems in walking and running are just temporary problems and will pass away but it is a blunder. Just consult a vet and he/she will tell you that the major cause is obesity. It is a difficult job- to stop spoiling your dog, especially when it is waiting beside the table with those gorgeous pleading eyes for a treat. However it does not matter how cute and irresistible your Shih Tzu may appear – what matters is their appetite must be maintained and they must be trained on their meal consumption.

The Shih Tzu are not sporting dogs and they are not as active. Thus they get obese easily. Usually these dogs are carried around by their owners. They have the house to run around and this is their only source of exercise. So keeping in mind the sort of activity and personality these dogs have- it becomes easy for them to gain weight. On the top of that the Shih Tzu breed is prone to hypothyroidism. This is a medical condition where the thyroid cannot produce enough T4 hormones so that normal metabolic functions can be supported. The main consequences of this medical condition are lethargy and ultimately obesity. To avoid this you have consult your vet so that proper diagnosis can be done and your pet can be thoroughly checked through hormone analysis.

To cut down the chances of your dog gaining weight – keep a tab on its calorie intake. Check on the ingredients of the dog food and compare them with the labels of the other dog food brands. Also, stop treating your dog with food according to its wish. Train your dog to exercise and work out to earn that treat. Try to substitute celery, asparagus, carrots and broccoli as treats. However watch out for the low calorie dog food. These foods have pretty high carbohydrate content and it leads to higher production of insulin and as a result higher rate of fat production. Your dog may keep on nagging and begging but do not give in – just remember your kindness will kill it. Surely you do not want you Shih Tzu to be among those 50 % of the obese dogs in the United States of America which are at a risk of health, do you? So just exercise and keep on exercising. There is no substitute of exercise and working out.

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