Some Essentials on the Feeding Process to German Shepherd

German Shepherds are known as one of the most loyal, obedient and self-assured dogs human can ever have. It is their courageous nature, high intelligence and obedience that include them into services like police, military, night-guard, bomb rescue, search and found, drug identification and many more. If you bring a German shepherd at house, you can be assured that you have brought a friend and guard that will protect you at the cost of its life. While they can do so many things for human, you should take the best care of it. The best care starts by taking good care of their nutritional needs.

Can You Give Homemade Food to Your German shepherd

Though German Shepherds are sturdy and well-built dog, they often suffer from allergies that hail more skin problems to them. Preparing dog food at home by following the recipes on internet or books with simple ingredients can be the better choice than to feed dog foods, available at market. Homemade foods are rich in nutritional value and can lessen much of their allergic problems.

Another advantage of feeding your German shepherd the homemade food is that those are comparatively cheaper than the pricey dog foods. Maintaining a dog is not easy economically. Why to waste much when you can provide the same nutrition at home that is available at premium dog foods? Your dog will also like to have it.

What to Feed Your German shepherd

The entire food system for German shepherd must include five basic essentials. There must be:

  • Fat.
  • Protein.
  • Vegetables.
  • Starch.
  • Seasoning.

While preparing dog food for your German shepherd, you need to maintain well balance of these ingredients into the recipe and prepare a dish that your dog loves to have. While feeding German shepherd, you should know which materials contain these elements to the most. Have a look:

  • Try to keep lean meat and eggs in dog’s diet for protein supplement.
  • For starch, let it have oatmeal, steamed rice, baked potatoes, bredcrumbs and boiled noodles.
  • You can feed celery, tomatoes, peas or carrots to your German shepherd.

While feeding German shepherd, you should be consistent with the recipe. Any sudden change can upset their stomach. If you want to bring change in the menu, bring the change slowly by giving the new product everyday at moderation. Thus, they can get accustomed to it and won’t fall ill all of a sudden.

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