Teacup puppies

Teacup puppy

Teacup Puppies: Potty training for teacup puppies

Teacup puppy is amongst the sweetest creatures that you will ever see around you. However, the moment they start urinating and pooping over your expensive furnishings and furniture, they become your biggest nightmare. So, you should give some of your time in learning the techniques of training your pet the ways to potty.

If you have bought teacup puppies, then always have an eye on them. You should know that whether they are sniffing your furniture or moving around in circles. If they are doing so, it means that they are about to urinate or might have their bowel movement. So at that moment only, you should take them to a place where you have the arrangements for their urinals.

Another important technique to remember is the paper technique. Whenever you see that your puppies are moving around in circles or sniffing, take them to a designated place and cover the entire area with the newspaper and then allow them to do their business.

Most of the dog owners use kitchen or bathroom because of their linoleum floor, for this purpose. But you can choose any area except the carpeted floors. However, always be cautious to remove their waste as soon as possible because teacup puppies eliminate more waste than their normal adults.

You should always remember that by knowing this not only you are learning, but you are also training your puppies. So, try to reward them if they are doing their business correctly and properly. In that way only, you will be able to maintain your house and backyards free from poops of teacup puppies.

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