The Best Dogs for Those Who Work Late


Though buying a dog is not rocket science, still it is quite a tricky task. The dog breed you are buying home should match your lifestyle. For example, if you are buying a pug, you need to give it much time. It is basically attention seeker and likes to play around and follow you wherever you go. If you work for long hours and return home late at night, then pug is not a very good choice. In that case you should choose a breed that can stay at house alone for long hours. Here are some of the dog breeds which can stay well in house when you have to work late.

#1 Basset Hounds

Basset Hounds

This canine friend is actually a lazy one. They are low in energy and want to sit at one corner for long hours. So, if you are working for long hours, they may spend their time sleeping only. But, whenever they find their owners, they like to cuddle and sleep on their laps.

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