The Best Human Foods You Can Give to Your Pug

Pugs are very friendly and adorable dog. It doesn’t take much time to get along with your family. Now, having a dog at house means you need to take care of it like a child. And when you have a dog breed like pug, you have to be more cautious as they are over sensitive. The first thing you get confused about is their eating habit. What to give to your little pug? Can you provide any human food to it? Today, you will get certain ideas about that.


This is one of the super foods you can give to your pug and vets often recommend it. You can provide cooked or raw carrots to your dog as they love it in both ways. Carrots contain vitamin A, K and C and also beta-carotene which are essential for dogs as well as human.


The sweetness of this fruit attracts pugs a lot; but you should provide seedless watermelons to it as seeds can cause internal blockage. During summer, watermelon will be awesome snack.

Brown Rice

It is a low-glycemic food and full of proteins, fiber and potassium. To keep your dog active and healthy, this is necessary.


The anti-oxidants in berries keep diseases like cancer far away and boost up the immunity of your dog, assuring long healthy life. Pugs also like the sweetness of such fruits.


This is one of the most delicious foods that pugs want to have. Chicken is full of healthy protein which is necessary for your dog, so, let your pug has it in a big size. Remember; never give cooked chicken that you have prepared for yourself to your pug. The spices, oil and salt will create adverse effects on it.


All dogs love it and your pug is not exception to that. The creamy taste allures them a lot and the high protein content is needed for your loving pug. But, don’t give it too much as the high fat concentration can make your dog obese.

Green Beans

It contains silicon minerals which are essential for the bone strength of your pug. Besides, these minerals can also keeps the tissues healthy.


You should always provide cooked eggs to your pug. Poach it or boil; cooked eggs are very healthy option for a pug. Never give raw eggs as that can upset its stomach.

So, these are certain human foods which you can give to your pug to keep it hale and hearty.

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