The popularity of German Shepherds

German shepherds have consistently being making it to the top breeds of the annual dog list- and there should be no argument over it. This courageous, loyal, confident and fast learning breed is going to give you a lifelong experience of companionship.

The abilities and talent of this breed goes beyond its origin and use as a hunt dog. A German shepherd has had for itself the status of a military and guide dog. It has been used by armies as a detector dog. Excellent in agility, obedience, loyalty, sports, tracking and herding- a German shepherd never runs out of demand.

The history of German shepherd

As the title of the dog suggests, they were found in Germany in the nineteenth century where their popularity grew as Captain Max started to train this dog for military purposes. This dog went beyond the expectations of the masters, and instead of its striking and intelligent looks- they had a versatile intelligence.

World War I

World War I was not only a human war. Loyal animals like German shepherds were also a part of its tragedies. This brave breed took the responsibility of reaching their masters amidst the fires and canons with the delivery of food and other important things like letters and weapons.


They are fearless, confident and direct creatures. If they come from well-trained parents, they are likely to have a relaxed temperament and will easily socialize. They become familiar with your family members in a short time span. They adapt to different sounds, sights are easy to train. This fun loving, protective and devoted dog would fill the hole in your heart.

They are naturally possessive and protective of the property in which they live. Any strange movement of intruders and they would immediately start barking. They are easy to train in the company of other pets. They will learn the cat and rat rules much faster than you expect. But there is one slight problem- they need some activity all the time. They do not like to sit idle as it is not in their nature. They are working dogs who love mental games and need some exercise.

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