The World’s 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds

White husky

Dogs have often been termed as a man’s best friend and that is not without reason. The humble four legged creatures might not be on the same plane as we humans but they always seem to have a fairly accurate idea of what cooking in their master’s mind.

They can be the ultimate stress busters and will always be there to give us company, be it during times of joy or sorrow. That they do have a clear insight to our heart and soul makes them so very close to us. The connection seems to be far deeper than anything that can be physically perceived.

However, so much for all the friendship that dogs have come to symbolize over the ages, the underlying fact that again can’t be denied is that such friendship might often come at a price. Dogs may not have the luxury of choosing their masters but we do have that. And it’s here that the price factor comes in, vis-a-vis all the different breeds that dogs come in.

From size to their general behaviour, or just sheer looks, there are a lot of factors that require careful consideration before zeroing in on a particular breed to own and nurture.

Mentioned here are 10 of the most expensive breeds of dogs to help you get started.


#1 Basset Hound: They are characterized by their large droopy ears though it’s their keen sense of smell that the Basset Hounds are better known for. From being the cuddly little furry thing to one that you can trust on to keep an eye on your wards, Basset Hounds comes across as a well-rounded package, with its strong sense of smell coming in as an added bonus. Prices range from $1200 to $1500.


#2 Bernese Mountain Dog: They might be mistaken for a St. Bernard but for its smaller dimensions. Then there is a reason for that too given that both share a common ancestry and that they both hail from The Swiss Alps. Perhaps that also explains their soft and gentle nature. Then they are easy to train too but require large stretches for they are equally fond of running around a bit as well.

However, they might cost $2000 for a puppy but is worth every bit of it if you’d like to have someone cheery and happy around you at all times.

Top 10 expensive dog breeds

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