Things to know about Yorkshire Terriers

You can classify this little one as a toy dog, but know that his personality makes him an excellent watchdog. They are smart, spunky and easy to get along with. This breed comes with only one drawback: their heavy coat requires consistent maintenance.

The Yorkshire Terrier are labeled as companions of the old people. They would love you regardless of where you keep them and where you live. Thanks to his silk like touch and shoe-button eyes, all the dog lovers are a fan of this breed.

Personality and temperament

Yorkshire terrier are alert, curious and trainable. It would be only fair to call them as a big boy trapped inside the little body. Their weight is less than 7 pounds and this darling breed can even find its place inside your purse. But as we said, they are seemingly tiny but have habits of a big dog. If you want to keep them as a pet, give them ample space to live.

Training and behavior

They may be a toy breed, but they cannot stand being bored. This independent and smart breed always needs something to keep him busy. They will get stubborn if you leave them alone for long hours. Another interesting fact about this dog is that they will not be pleased if you do not provide them something interesting to play with.

Both genders of Yorkshire have different personalities. The male breed is more of a snuggling and sweeter breed whereas the female one likes to be more possessive. She will make your lap her territory.

Bravery and intelligence

It is one of those small breeds that have made legendary contributions in the name of bravery. If you remember the World War II hero, Smokey, who managed to get 70 feet wire through a tunnel that is built underground? Well, it was a Yorkshire terrier. They are fearless and love to play mind games. Give them things to smell and trace and they would show you how smart they are.

Other than their heavy maintenance, this breed can be your perfect companion.

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