Things You Must Know before Choosing Maltese Dog Breed

Before bringing a cute little pup of Maltese, you need to know certain things about this specific dog breed. Certain knowledge on it will help you to take better care of your dog. While buying it from breeders, you should ask questions about habits, food habits and other information of the dog. But, there are certain unscrupulous breeders who try to misguide you if you go without much knowledge. So, here we are to talk about the special toy dog breed, Maltese.


Maltese can be the best companion of yours and your older kids. They are quite intelligent and great follower of their owners. Usually, an adult Maltese is only 8 to 10 inches long and it weighs around 6 to 9 pounds. The pure white Maltese are really bliss to your eyes, but you can also get ivory, cream and brown Maltese. They are covered with one large coat and they are hypoallergenic. Maltese are famous in several names, like the ‘Maltese Lion Dog’, the ‘Roman Ladies Dog’ and the ‘Ancient Dog of Malta’. As it is said, Maltese are great companion dog, but often gets snappy if irritated by small children.

Brief History

Maltese is not a recent breed. It has long and rich history. A Greek amphora from 500BC has shown a dog that almost looks like Maltese. This is referred as ‘Melitale’. Have you noticed the similarity in the name? Usually, Maltese has come from a specific breed of Spitz of Switzerland. It was probably careful breeding that has shortened the size of Maltese. Romans adored this dog a lot and even they were mentioned in the Greek and Roman literature. The breeders continued experiment with the size and it was in 1972 when breeders came up with the smallest Maltese breed that was of a size of a squirrel. Those breed didn’t last long, but the breeding between spaniels and small poodles revived the breed.


They are very energetic and playful. Having a Maltese at home means you will be entertained always. They become very loyal companion and get attached to their owner easily. They are very intelligent and always eager to learn new moves; Maltese are real attention seeker and you can’t help but noticing them while they do weird and funny things.

Maltese are real cute dog and good for your house. But, they are quite noisy dog as they bark a lot. Be ready to get complains from your neighbors!

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