Tips to Take Care of Your Pomeranian

Do you want a small breed dog? Pomeranians can be the best choice. Don’t go with the size of the breed as they can be excellent watchdogs. Initially, this breed was kept in sheep herds or to guide farmers’ livestock at farms because of their loud barking style. If you have a Pomeranian at your house, you should be ready to get objection from your neighbors! We will talk today about taking good care of your ‘Pom’.

Give It a Good Bath

Pomeranians have very thick fur. If you don’t keep them clean always, they may stink. You definitely don’t want to keep your dog likewise. So, try to give your pooch bath twice a week. During summer, you can give it bath even more frequently and don’t forget to clean its ears, genitals, paws, butt, etc.

Feed Them Thrice

Actually, Pomeranians are highly enthusiastic dog breed and they also have high metabolism. Therefore, they need to eat two to three times a day. The usual weight of them varies from 3 to 7 pounds. Talk to vet for the best diet of them to keep their weight under control.

Keep Its Teeth Clean

It is very important for their teeth and gum health. You may find it difficult; so take it to a groomer and learn the process well so that you can do it later. Also, you can provide chewable bone sticks, filled with calcium so that they stay away from dental problems like cavities, tartar, etc. Chewing these bones can also clean food remains that create bad breath.

It Needs Exercise

Regular exercise session is must for your ‘Pom’. They are enthusiastic and active dog. Take it for walking and play with it. Make the exercise session funny by playing fetch the bone or tracing objects. Pomeranians are expert in smelling and tracing things. Such activities will keep them happy and enthusiastic.

Comb Their Hair

Pomeranians shed a lot. You may find their hair flying inside your house, on your couch, at the backseat of your car and everywhere. Combing their hair everyday will reduce shedding a bit and their fur will look nice and shining.

Along with all these tips, you should take it for vaccinate at right time. Having a Pomeranian is like having a new baby. You should always get in touch with vet and give it vaccines at right time.

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