Top 10 guard dogs that will protect your home better than a security system

Generally, we love to adopt lap dogs and toy breed dogs due to their adorable cuteness. But, when comes to it security and protection we need powerful breeds as a companion on our side to be a safe guard for our family. Here we list out some breeds of dogs that would be just right for this job, as well as these breeds possessing loyalty and friendly during training, towards his owner and his owner’s family members.

German Shepherd

This breed belongs to one of the huge dog breed, who are absolutely courageous; possess high intelligence in disposition. They are often curious and show alertness towards those things such as toys, new comers, etc. Due to his watchful and obedient nature, they are much required and used in the military and police services. Besides that, they are very much devoted to his family and especially towards his owner. Without any doubt this breeds are very much useful for protecting our home and he is the one of the best security guard and it is very easy to keep in shape.


Rottweilers are the best earliest police and military dogs. They inclined toward dominance and seek a good position to his family. They can be the best companion on the right hand, so early training is essential. Moreover, you can also train him effortlessly. They are the foremost dogs and as well as they behave like a very good friend. Their fearless nature makes them as guard dogs for their families.

Doberman Pinscher

They are the topmost guard dog; considering its athletic and active nature, everyday it needs brisk walk to maintain their energy level. They also require early socialization; train them with obedience along with respect is vital for this particular breed. This breed is very strong, smart, energetic, loyal and fearless. And they are good home guard pets.


A cross between bulldog and mastiff is known as bullmastiff, this dog has high-spirited esteem. They are incredibly smart and powerful, express high devotion and loyal to his family. Although they are calm and reserved, their protective nature makes them to exhibit aggression in order to safe guard to his family during any unfavourable situation.

American Staffordshire Terrier

They are good athletic dog and has agile personality. They behave very gentle, friendly companion and has an easy going nature towards people. Even though it looks muscular and strong, but they expose non-aggressive towards people, except unfavourable situations. Their thin and sleek coat makes them to feel worm always.


This large and strong dog breed looks incredibly majestic in appearance, who liked to be independent, very sweet, gentle and quite reserved. He needs regular walking and also loved to have other indoor or outdoor activities. His loyal and overprotective nature makes them comfortable towards his family. Their fidelity makes them as a great guard dog and his deep booming sound makes fear to other animals and strangers.


Akita owns a great strength and naturally shows aggression in disposition. So, it is not recommended for first time dog guardians. Moreover, it should be watched carefully while playing around with children. This breed looks like a fox. Though he is dignified and calm, their dominant character makes him as powerful watch dogs. It requires early training and a powerful guardian to take them control.

Giant Schnauzer

Most of the dogs from this breed are seemed to be bold and vigorous, besides that fact, sometimes it also exhibit sweetness and affection. They demand for plenty of physical exercise and mental stability; train them to adopt obedience and other certain household rules. Hence, they are friendly with early socialization. They are extremely watchful towards strangers and shows overprotective towards his owner and his family members.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

This intelligent muscular dog breed needs walking every day, in order to get rid of boring. They are mischievous in nature carries them as a friendly companion. As well as, it needs early socialization and supervision to stay in their owner control. Their confident and independent dispositions make them as an excellent watch dogs to protect their families.


This active and mild-mannered dog is very gentle and it has cute canines to barely show or express their aggression. Whereas, due to its protective and loyal disposition will shows aggression, in order to protect their lovable ones from danger. They have great intelligence ability and act as a smart during any situation. And also they are very friendly and lovable pets, who like by most of the people and lot of pet owners.

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