Top 10 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog

When you decide to change your old pets or to buy new ones, then you may find your new furry friend (pet) at a local animal shelter. While seeing the faces of pups that are so cute, you can also able to see the faces of some senior dogs (old dogs). Everyone will become a “senior” at certain age, although smaller dogs may not see their senior years until they get aged, because, the maturity of the small dogs are very lesser than the larger breeds. Some people may like to have smaller dogs and some may like a larger dog. Whatever it may be, here are some best reasons available to adopt a senior dog.

Top 10 reasons to Adopt Senior Dogs

You can easily get to know about them

After certain age, a puppy will turn into a senior dog, because, they will reach their maximum growth, personality, and other such requirements that is required for you when it comes to grooming. People those who find difficult to train or maintain a puppy, then they feel more comfortable with senior dogs.

It’s really easy to train them

We all know that to train our puppies is certainly a very difficult task for us. For this reason, most of the dog owners do not like their puppies, and so, most of them have shifted their interest towards senior dogs. When compared to senior dogs, puppies take a long time to train, because, they don’t have the capacity that how to react to our commands. But senior dogs already have some necessary training experience and they know how to react according to our basic commands like sit, heel, catch, run and stay.

New tricks can also be taught to senior dogs

When compared to puppies, the old ones are easy to train and they don’t get a chance to make a mistake in future, because, they were trained already. And they have the potentiality to understand the owner’s commands and tricks very easily. Most of the dog owners know that their dogs will have a unique talent and they work on that particular skill and boost up their dogs’ overall skill. Since, we know already that giving training for such senior dogs is much easier when compared to others (puppies).

Senior dogs react how their owners reacts

Some people often may think commonly that, a senior dog ended up at a shelter because they had a behavioural problem. How an owner behaves, likewise a dog might also react to others, it’s a truth. Senior dogs usually get displaced from their homes for a number of reasons such as: families that moved into smaller homes unequipped for a dog, if  a person has a jobless life, then it is difficult to keep a dog with him, and some may don’t have time to care for dogs. Whatever it may be, senior dogs have the capacity to easily accept the foreign environment; this reason also makes the owners feel comfortable, whereas, puppies are not well suited for this.

A less energetic, but a calmer pet is sure with senior dogs

Puppies are mostly faster and strengthen, they often want to play and need more exercise when compared to senior dogs. This may not happen in senior dogs, this reason makes the senior pets as great pets and it always be calm and quite if you are looking for a calmer dog. Moreover, if you have children in home, then you cannot have time to take them out to play for hours every day and at this situation, these senior dogs much suits you for all your expectations.

Avoid destructions in your home

Puppies can do lots of awful damage in your home, they will also tear up shoes, furniture, and it can sink all the things easily by using their teeth. Puppies always do like this because, they have lot of energy. But these activities cannot be seen in senior dogs, because, a senior dog already has these experiences some years behind. Moreover, this is one more element of training that a senior dog had experienced in its past, and so, you won’t have to worry about it.

Senior dogs instantly get attached with their new owners

It’s not sure that you’ll get a lack of love when you bring home a puppy, because, puppies are so sensitive and it gets afraid often. When coming to senior dogs, they already had their owners respectively and they know how to react depending upon the situation. Senior dogs will quickly make a bond with you than a puppy because, they crave that love and affection, and they don’t spend all their energy for tearing up the house rather than coming over to sit and becomes lovable pet by showing love to you.

A right picture to plan your commitment

Some people maintain a distance while adopting a dog, even though they really want one, because, they don’t know about their life span. When you adopt a senior dog, however, the commitment is less usually only five to seven years. It’s easier to plan and maintain your life around and predict if having a dog in that time will work into your lifestyle.

Senior dogs will settle down very quickly and easily

When you bring a new puppy into your home, they need some time to adapt itself according to the new place. For many of these pups, they think that shelter was the only home and they become comfortable there. But senior dogs have usually had at least one other home and so on. Therefore, the senior dogs feel more comfortable at all new places and they have the capacity to become a part of the family members quickly. Moreover, the puppies have the habit of crying at the night than senior dogs, which might also a good sign for its comfortable mode.

Their precious lives can be saved by you

When compared to puppies, senior dogs are facing more troubles. This happens because, a lot of people mostly come forward to adopt puppies only, with a common thought that the senior dogs have already lived half their lives and they get a chance to become sick. But, senior dogs are very affectionate and kind. Therefore, by adopting a senior dog, emotionally you know that you are actually saving that dog’s life.

Instead of adopting puppies, senior dogs are comfortable for elders and kids. Moreover, when compared to others, these senior dogs are very kind in nature and those who decide to adopt a new pet to their homes, must at least have a glance at those senior dogs for a while, before choosing their favourite ones.

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