Top 5 Most Dangerous Dogs in the World

It is true that dogs can be your best friend, but that depends on which breed you choose. There are certain breeds which will make you go all wrong with their ferociousness and you won’t dare to step ahead whenever you see any of them around (it is always better to stay out of their site!!). Actually, dogs are never bad, and these furious dogs can be your best companion if you handle them with care. But, it is also true that a Pit Bull won’t be that much welcoming that a Pug is to your guests. Let’s know about the most furious dogs around the world.

Pit Bull

Pit Bull

If you have watched it in a bad mood, you have experienced a little devil in your lifetime. Actually, it is the result of interbreeding between bull dog and terrier; therefore they have the athletic figure like terriers and strength of bull dogs. They have the most deadly bite. Never mess up with them

Presa Canario

Presa Canario

It was bred as the fighting dog. You can assume how furious it can be. This square head dog is as long as wide. If not shown enough authority, they can be dangerous. They belong to packs and then they become the most aggressive. You won’t believe that in many countries, Presa Canario is banned.



This belongs to Germany and weighs around 110 lbs. This breed is generally kept for guarding purposes, especially by the sheep owners. To the owner, they are very decent and obedient. Are you a stranger to them? Stay away!

Tosa Inu

Tosa Inu

Their size is enough to get afraid of them. This huge Japanese dog was bred as fighting dog and they have an interesting nickname- ‘Sumo Dog’. If they get good training, they are the most obedient dogs, but you can’t take chance to mess up with them as their attack is fatal.

Doberman Pinschers


If royalty is the word to describe a dog, use it for this breed. The long and sharp features give them an outstanding look and they also become very loyal and friendly to their owner. They are renowned for their intelligence and sharpness. No one can trespass when there is a Doberman around.

Apart from these furious dogs, there are several other breeds like Caucasian Ovcharka, German Shepherds, Dogo Argentino, etc. which are really dangerous. But, they never misbehave to their owner and can keep them save even at its life.

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