Top 5 Tips to Train Your German Shepherd Puppy


If you are looking for a smart, athletic, fit and sturdy dog breed, German Shepherds can be the best choice. From long time, this breed was used for guarding and protecting. Therefore, they are in-born active and very much trainable. Though you can train an older German Shepherds, the best thing will be to train it from very young age. You will get certain tips here to train your German Shepherds puppy.

Train It to Socialize

German Shepherds is very protective for its family. So, you should train it to socialize from early age so that it can become a well-behaved dog to other humans and animals. If you find it difficult to train it yourself, take it to grooming session or puppy socialization class and learn the training tips while watching the training processes.

Potty Training Is Must

You have to be very cautious about how many times you need to take your puppy outside and where. Make sure you take it each time at the same place so that the puppy won’t get confused. Usually, you need to take your puppy for potty at least thrice a day- once after a meal and then after playtime. Also take it outside before sleeping.

Use Food Treats for Training

You may have heard of not using food while training your dog, but that is absolutely wrong. German Shepherds are food enthusiast and they love to be praised. So, use foods as rewards when it does something according to your instruction. You can also use toys; play with it as rewards.

Train It to Ask Permission

Do you think it’s difficult? But, once you train your dog for this, it will be the best-behaved dog you can ever have. Training for asking permission is not like obeying your command; it is like asking for that particular thing when it realizes itself that the situation is right. As German Shepherds are obedient dog, you will feel happy when your puppy looks at you for permission before going to play with other kids.

Be Consistent to Your Dog

Your dog won’t understand your language. It will pay heed to your voice tone and body language. So, keep your voice tone intact while ordering it something. Go for simple and direct commands like ‘sit’, ‘drop’, ‘come here’, etc.

Training won’t be difficult if you take it to the grooming center for few days. Once your dog gets accustomed with the ambience, they can be easily trained.

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