Top 6 Big Breed Dogs for Families

Happy family with a golden retriever.

If you think big dogs are ferocious and they are not easily get tamed, you are going all wrong. You can bring big dogs like Barnese Mountain Dog or German Shepherd, even if you have kids. But, it is true that large dogs are not for all as they require different maintenance than smaller breeds. They need lot more exercise and also you need to know about the good amount of food. But, if you are willing to bring these big friendly giants at your house, know the top 6 bigger breeds.

#1 Barnese Mountain Dog

Barnese Mountain Dog

These are hairy, dark brown colored dog with innocent eyes. They can be proved very good pets but you need large space to keep it. This dog breed is very fast and very friendly to your family members and to other dogs. Even, you won’t have any problem of keeping other pets along with a Barnese Mountain Dog.

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