Top Five Reasons to Choose Dog Adoption

dog adoption

Dog may be man’s best friend, but when is the last time you helped our furry friends? If you are contemplating buying a dog, I have one question for you. Have you considered your options? By this I mean have you considered dog adoption? Far too many people are too quick to run to a pet store or breeder without first considering this option. There are many reasons to choose dog adoption as opposed to choosing your new canine from a store or breeder.

The top five reasons to choose dog adoption are as follows:

  1. By using dog adoption you are saving lives- When you adopt, you are saving the dog you choose from the possibility of euthanasia. Additionally, when you choose to adopt a dog you are making room in the shelter which can help to save more lives. Shelters have a maximum capacity in which they are allowed to care for. By choosing dog adoption you allow another animal the chance to be taken care of.
  2. Many shelter dogs are adult- Adult dogs tend to have undergone temperament training. This is a tremendous benefit to families with small children looking for a pet.
  3. Shelter dogs have distinct bonds with owners- Many shelter dogs have never known a real home, or have lived as strays for long periods of time. Dog adoption can be their opportunity to experience what life has to offer. For this reason shelter dogs are more bonded to their owners. They are grateful and show it with their loyalty.
  4. The cost factor of dog adoption is far less than if you were to buy dog-Fees associated with dog adoption is minimal. In addition, shelter dogs are current on shots and more often than not fixed prior to adoption. This help to minimize pet care expenses.
  5. Shelter dogs are often house broken-As many of the dogs in shelters are adult; chances are they have already been house broken. It may take a few days for him or her to adjust to their new home, but they understand the basics.

Over 7 million animals are currently being housed in shelter facilities. Shelters become overpopulated when people rely solely on breeders and pet stores. By utilizing dog adoption, you can help take some of that burden off of a shelter. Additionally the dog you adopt will be spared from the possibility of euthanasia. Bringing home a shelter dog, or even fostering until adoption is available is a great way to feel good and help our furry friends. Hopefully these top five benefits of dog adoption will encourage you to take action.

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