Train Your Pug in Simple Ways

Bringing a dog at home is really a big responsibility. Your duty doesn’t end only by bringing it at home; you need to train it to suit at your family. If you are bringing pug at home, you should be ready with messy training sessions. Actually, pugs are born stubborn and you have to put constant effort in training them. How to turn a stubborn, wild pug into a well-behaved pet is definitely up to your training abilities and time you give it to your pet. Here we will suggest you some general ways to train your pug.

Why to Train Your Pug?

Obviously, you want to be appreciated to have a well-behaved dog instead of a barking and snapping one. As soon as you bring the pug puppy, you should start training it immediately. If it is not rectified for any acceptable behavior from the beginning, the bad habits will stick to it and that will not be easy to remove. Don’t worry. Yes, pugs are stubborn, but they are intelligent too. If you bring it within your grip, it won’t take much time to train it. Training from early childhood will make it easy for the pup to maintain the instructions without getting confused.

How to Train Your Pug

  • Start with simple commands that it can easily understands the tone. Once it get used to with ‘sit’, ‘stand’, ‘go’, ‘come’, ‘fetch’ etc. take it to the more advance level.
  • Make it understand that you are in charge always. It is very important for the pug to know who the alpha is within very short time.
  • Your body language and tone must be in the way that it can understand you are the authority. Once your pug realizes this, training will be much easier.
  • You must be patient while training your pug as your snapping or out of control nature will make them more vulnerable.
  • You have to be consistent while training your pug. If you want it to stop from getting on your bed, you should always stick to that rule. Never allow your pug, not even occasionally to get on the bed. Changing your rules and commands can make them ignorant to all your commands.
  • Appraise your pug with voice as they are very attentive to the tone of the owner. Try not to give food reinforcements as pugs are tend to be overweight.

So, you get basic rules to train your pug. Be patient and try to train your pug in the most possible way to make it one of the adorable family members.

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