Training a Maltese

A Maltese dog is all-around companion breed. They are attractive, graceful, and playful and quickly adapt to the environment. They are popular for their loving nature. Another reason why they have become increasingly popular as a toy breed is because they have fewer health problems compared to the other small breeds.

Personality and temperament

Other than their appearance, they are have an affectionate and gentle nature, combined with mischievous and cheeky character. What this dog needs the most to remain healthy and well-behaved is your time. They are pure attention seekers and expect to be a part of your family. Whether you are in your car, or sleeping on your bed- they would like to accompany you everywhere.

Training a Maltese

They are extremely intelligent and have a great ability to quickly learn commands, and that too with enthusiasm. The training sessions would improve their reflex and strength to be a perfect watchdog.

But while you are training a Maltese, ensure that you are not using any harsh words. They respond perfectly to praises, encouragement and rewards. Because they love interesting games, they would love it if you keep the training sessions fun and short. Give them challenges, so that they do not get bored during training.

Training issues

  • Training them house living rules can be sometimes troublesome. Never make it very difficult for them. Keep it easy so that they can respond well to your commands.
  • They are easy to train if you corporate with them. Maintain a consistent potty training session. Do it every day without a break so that they respond with persistence as well.
  • It is best to train them to pee and poop outside as it would reduce your cleaning hassle.
  • They easily grasp the basic commands like come, sit, stay, up and down. Train them initially with a leash so that they can respond to new commands easily. When you train a dog with leash, they know exactly how seriously they need to take it.
  • Play mental games with them. Do not bore them as they would quickly lose interest.

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