Want to Bring a Shih Tzu at Home? Know a Bit about It

If you want a pocket size toy dog that is a bundle of cuteness, Shih Tzu is one of the best options you can have. But, you need to know that all dog breeds are not for everyone. Like dogs, the owner should get along with it. So, if you are bringing Shih Tzu at home, you need to know certain personality traits of it. To guide you on this issue, we are presenting certain pros and cons of having a Shih Tzu.

Why Shih Tzu Is Perfect for You

If you want to gift toy dog to your kid on this birthday, Shih Tzu can be the best choice. Let’s see why they are so adorable-

They Are Gentle

Yes, they become moody sometime, but overall you can call them gentle-mannered dog. They are loving to their owners and very affectionate too. You can leave it with your kids and even, take them with you to someone else’s house and let it play with other kids. They are quite well behaved and won’t harm anyone.

They Are Very Good Adapter

You don’t need to put much effort in making a Shih Tzu your family member. They easily get accustomed with the new atmosphere and people around it and slowly becomes very well-trained dog. They also get along with other pets if they accept it well.

They Need Little Exercise

Don’t you have time for taking your Shih Tzu at park for running? No issues; you can play fetch the ball at your garden and that is enough exercise for it. They are quite small breed, so they don’t need to exercise a lot.

Why You Should Rethink to Bring Shih Tzu at Home

Before knowing these later, it’s better to know now and then decide whether to bring a Shih Tzu at home or not-

They Have Health Issues

Not many serious issues, but as they are quite small, their face is short and they have large, protruding eyes. This feature causes respiratory problems and eye infections to you lovely pooch.

They Gets Very Stubborn

It is going to be very difficult to train your Shih Tzu as they get very stubborn sometime. You need groomers’ help.

Proper Grooming Is Required

Shampooing, cleaning, brushing and trimming are needed for your Shih Tzu. Take it to professional groomer and you also learn the tricks.

Hopefully, we have made it easy to decide whether you want Shih Tzu or not. Think well and go ahead.

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