Ways to protect the dogs from Kidney disease

Kidneys are more important for all living beings it works properly, until they are not overloaded. The function of kidneys is to remove wastage from our body and it is also same for animals. Now, most of the dogs are getting kidney disease like human beings. If they cannot function properly, then it could affect your dog health. Nowadays, a kidney disease in dogs is one of the most common ailments that affects all kind of dogs, especially superiors.

Proper functioning of kidney also helps to control blood pressure, aid in calcium metabolism and sustain phosphorous level. If a kidney of your dog is not functioning well, then, it won’t remove the wastage from your dog. This may affect your dog and it will lead to some sort of infection such as toxin, injury or cancer; to avoid this kind of problem in dogs, you have to take care for your dogs in a proper way.

Kidney diseases are available in two ways

  • Acute kidney failure.
  • Chronic kidney failure.


Acute kidney injury seems to occur more often in aged animals (dogs). Finally, this acute kidney injury causes trauma, poisoning, and a block of urinary tract due to stones, crystals or tumours. One of the most common poisons occur due to Acute chronic, which is ANTIFREEZE because it has ethylene glycol, which performs inauspicious to the kidney.

Dog owners be aware of Acute Kidney disease

What does acute disease mean? It refers to an abrupt decline in kidneys and has ability to work off your dog kidneys. Due to major events such as dehydration, blood loss or injury or a reaction to medication. When a kidney function reduced over a long period then, it can become Acute. Sadly, if 70% of a kidney is not functioning properly, then acute disease cannot be cured.

Acute kidney problem affects in three levels

  • Pre-Renal: It affects the flow of blood pressure, before it reaches the kidney.
  • Post-Renal: It affects the movement of urine out of kidney.
  • Renal: If there is a problem in kidney, then it does not filter a blood properly.


  • Vomiting.
  • Weight loss.
  • Lethargy.
  • Depression.
  • Constipation.

Don’t waste your time if your pet gets affected by acute kidney failure

The main goal of this treatment ARF is supportive and helps to cure your pets completely from kidney failure. This ARF treatment makes your pet feels better and makes your dog bounce back.

If this treatment is not effective in dog’s health, then other option may also available for example dialysis or organ transplantation. The decision about whether to go above or away from, will depend on the owner and even more important how the pet owner feels about more antagonistic forms of treatment.

Chronic kidney failure

Chronic renal failure is one of the most common diseases that goes well with aged dogs. The increased level of this disease makes possible to get autistics and cancer. Unfortunately by the time most of the dogs shows sign of kidney disease. To give treatment for affected pets, there is a need many tissues for good renal function. If CRF (chronic failure) identified in any pets then, it must be treated as soon as possible. Often, this affects in older pets due to their age.

Fluid therapy for chronic kidney failure

The CRF patient needs more fluid because the patient is unable to concentrate the urine so more water released out of the body in the form of urine to protect their body from kidney disease. The fluid level is balanced by continuing, which prevents dehydration. In fluid therapy, an addition of potassium or diet may keep up proper levels of electrolyte in the body.

The pet should always have free access to fresh air and clean water. Keeping water at night will not decrease the pets need to urinate overnight and may cause acute crisis. Check the body weight of your pet every week to make sure that your pets have enough calories to supports their weight and that makes dehydration is not possible.


The veterinarian may recommend the affected dog to have high quality and protein diet which may decrease the stress on the diseased kidneys and this change may need to do slowly to keep the pet eating. The protein cannot be excessive or the pet may develop with protein malnutrition due to loss of protein. This may cause kidney or gastrointestinal disease that is not available in healthy pets.

The main purpose of diet, should check for pet’s weight, check for blood pressure and check for hypoalbuminemia. If these are present or maintained in correct level then increased  level of protein content may not necessary for your pets. Diet is the best way to keep your pet free from kidney or major disease. With CRF treatment a pet may live for months or years and it depends on how the body responds to the treatment.

How to prevent dogs from kidney disease

  • Often blood pressure should measure through that, it helps to prevent causing damage for the kidneys, which could cause an increased level of damaged to the retinas, the result will be blindness and to avoid this medication blood pressure maintenance is necessary.
  • If your pet is in sickness or it’s not in good condition, immediately consult a doctor. Medicine provided for kidney disease affected pets such as chlorpromazine.
  • Be sure that your dogs be away from the toxic substances like ANTIFREEZE, rat poison and other pesticides.
  • If any of your dog with a bacterial infection, urinary obstruction or other illness, then you must immediately consult your veterinarian doctor and don’t delay.
  • Feeding balanced and dietary food makes pet always healthy.
  • If your dog gets affected by kidney disease like acute or chronic, then don’t kick out your dogs from home or don’t drop your pets in a road way.

Now there are many clinics for treating your pets and they make your dog bounce back.

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