Weimaraner puppies


Weimaraner Puppies – the best darlings, full of energy and cheer

Weimaraner pups have a distinctive coat color that ranges between silver gray and mouse gray. They have a grey, sleek and short coat. The Weimaraner are often referred to as the Gray Ghost or the Silver Ghost due to the color of their coat.

Weimaraner Puppies are an old breed from Germany. These are like retrievers and pointers that have many skills like tracking, rescuing, and searching. They are used in Police work. The pups grow to become large dogs. They have both the energy and intellect to do almost any action. The pups are alert and friendly and they act as protective and loving companions. The Weimaraner is noted for his graceful movement.

The Weimaraner pups are friendly and cheerful but they can be opinionated and willful at times. They get on well with dogs but not with cats. This dog is nothing but loyal and brave.

The Weimaraner pup should be brushed firmly and they should be shampooed occasionally. These dogs are prone to getting fat and they may suffer from hip dysplasia like other dogs.

The Weimaraner pup is full of energy. They are also eager to please and they can learn easily. So they should be motivated with good words. Treats move them to action. They should be well trained while they are still pups. They should not be subjected to harsh commands. The pups should be getting a lot of exercise as they love play ball, hiking, romping and hunting. Like Labradors, they get destructive when left alone for a long time.

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