Westie puppies facts

West Highland Terrier

If you are looking for a faithful pup which will grow to become a beautiful dog and remain with you for around fifteen to sixteen years, then westies are the ideal breed for you. There are some arrangements that need to be made before bringing the westie home. Just like how the house needs to be prepared to bring home a new baby, the same applies to a westie also.

Enough toys and puppy playthings have to be purchased for the new pup. If there are children in the house, they must be taught well in advance how to treat the puppy and be kind to it. Even puppies feel nervous when they encounter a new environment. Too much of noise and disturbances from the children can intimidate them and result in a psychological impact. Remember to fence the house if it is an independent house lest the westie pup decides to run away to take a good look at its surroundings.

Westie pups are good natured and friendly. They need some time to get along with strangers and children. If children are taught how to treat a pup with kindness and care, westie pups will make great companions for children. However, these animals being very sensitive and hyper may just nip someone out of excitement. Hence when they are young it wouldn’t be advisable to invite a bunch of kids for a game of hide and seek. They love to bark at new faces but when they are trained, this will not happen. <p>

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