What is a Dog Rescue?

Dog Rescue

There are so many abused and neglected dogs wondering the streets. A dog rescue is an organization that helps these otherwise helpless dogs. They operate similar to a humane society, but they typically rescue a specific breed of dog instead of rescuing every dog. Dog rescues typically do not have dogs on site, instead they place the dogs in foster homes until they find permanent homes for them.

Many dogs are turned over to a dog rescue because the owners simply abandoned them. Some dogs were used for fighting and racing and once they got too old or injured their owners abandoned them. Some people buy a breed of dog and do not understand the dog so they abandon it. Some people abandon dogs because of behavioral issues. Some people abandon their dog because they simply cannot afford to care for them anymore.

Most dog rescues will charge an adoption fee. This fee is charged to help cover the costs of veterinary care and basic care such as food and grooming. When you adopt a dog from a dog rescue they will have their shots, be spayed and have a clean bill of health. Dog rescues are a great place to get an otherwise expensive purebred for a fraction of the cost.


Dog rescues are one of the best places to find specific purebred dogs. This is because most of these shelters specialize in just one specific breed of dog. You can also rest assured that the dog you choose will be a healthy dog because dog rescues take great pride in the health of the dogs that they adopt out. Dog rescues also know a lot about the breed that they rescue. Take advantage of this and ask as many questions as possible so the dog doesn’t surprise you when you get it home.

Finding a dog rescue is as easy as searching the internet or your phone book. You can also call the local animal shelter and they should be able to help you locate any local dog rescues. All major cities have several different shelters so you are sure to find one that suits you. Be sure to visit many shelters because you may not find the perfect dog in the first one.

Once you figure out what breed you want it is time to visit a dog rescue. They will probably interview you and perform certain activities to make sure that you can provide a good home for one of their dogs. This is normal and you are not being picked on. The dog you want to adopt had a very hard life and they just want to make sure that its hard times are over. Just know that adopting a dog from a rescue is the final step in saving its life.


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