What is Husky Pitbull Mix?

The Pitbull Husky Mix is a cross between the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Alaskan Husky or the Siberian Husky. It is also referred to as a Pitsky, and the hybrid is known to be bold and robust. It has a reputation to be aggressive, and the combination of two powerful pooch breeds gives a strong variety here. Find out how this designer dog works.


This designer dog, similar to others, seems to have burst into the scene around 20 to 30 years back. These have become famous with owners due to an attractive appearance.

Physical Attributes

These pooches can be medium to large in size once they are adults. Once grown fully, the dogs can be around 20 – 24 inches tall and between 30 and 80 pounds in weight. These are differentiated by other breeds due to pale blue eyes, which make them look similar to Husky. Like the Pitbull, these have a powerful and compact body, broad head and erect ears. These are also likelier to have a very shiny and short coat.


These dogs tend to be aggressive and confident, athletic and smart with a powerful ‘pack dog’ mentality. These are strongly adventurous and independent, which when combined with other attributes can make them slightly aloof in adapting to rules and while being trained. The pooch has a lot of swagger and it is meant to push the envelope. This happy dog is very loyal to its owner. It is extremely energetic and enthusiastic, and these traits have to be controlled with proper training.

Mentality and Behavior

These are powerful dogs and their frame can be quite overwhelming and intimidating for people who come looking for creating trouble. Although these pooches can be extremely affectionate, they can pull out all stops to save the ones they love from people or animals they consider potential threats.

Although it has a tendency to be protective, it is regarded as a mild dog without overly aggressive tendencies. If you have children at home, you will love to see them become friendly with your new pooch. There is the problem of separation anxiety with this hybrid, and it can start exhibiting very anxious behavior when it senses that you or any loved one is going away from home. It can bark or howl a lot when it finds you away, and it can be very annoying for your neighbors and even family members.

Does It Take to Training Easily?

Pitskies can pick up training very easily. These are very loyal and are always eager to please masters. Naturally, you can train them very easily. The dogs tend to be very smart and it is a joy to train them. When you train them well, they do not establish their ‘alpha’ status on you. However, if you fail with training and become too soft at handling them, they can be rough on you and try to rule on you. Naturally, you should watch out that the dog does not establish itself as a pack leader.

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