Where To Find Free Puppies


Puppies, while being adorable can also cost you a pretty penny. That is of course you know where to find them for free. Finding free puppies is something that can be done quite easily as long as you know where to look. Granted, they may not be full bred puppies but they are still puppies nonetheless. Puppies that might otherwise wind up in a shelter are often free, henceforth why they are being given away to good homes.

There are many different places that you can find free puppies. I would suggest that the first place you look is the classified advertisement section in your local newspaper. Additionally, look at any virtual boards that may be associated with those newspapers.

Newspapers are a great start, but by no means the only recourse available for finding free puppies. If your search in the newspaper is to no avail, the next stop is the Internet. Good old Craigslist.org is my second advised stop. To find free puppies on Craigslist look under “for sale-free” and “pets”. These two categories will produce the most amounts of results if there are any free puppies currently available.


Take a stop by your local community buildings. This can include community centers, libraries; basically any community oriented public building. Why do you ask? These buildings all have one common denominator…bulletin boards. These boards are typically chock full of ads posted by people within your community trying to sell items and services. Free puppies and kittens are frequently posted in bulletins like this. While you are at it, check your local grocery stores as well. Most grocery stores have bulletin spaces available right when you walk in.

The last stop if the previous suggestions have not been fruitful would be the shelters. Shelters may not necessarily offer free puppies, but they will be low cost. Additionally, shelters can also assist you in your query. The staff can often instruct you as to where else you may want to look.

Keep in mind that many individuals prefer puppies and kittens when they are looking to adopt a pet for one reason alone-they are cuter than adult animals. This makes finding free puppies harder than say a free dog. However, they are available from time to time and these are the best places to find free puppies. Be patient, you will be able to find a free puppy it just may take some time. You can also post ads on sites like Craigslist.org stating that you are looking for a free puppy. Sometimes these ads will spur individuals that are offering them to respond prior to posting an ad of their own. Good luck in your quest to find a free puppy!

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