Where to Find Puppies for Adoption


When looking for a puppy to bring home you have many options. From color, to breed, to sex, these questions are just as important as how you will obtain the puppy. While breeders are typically a rather costly option, many people turn to the local animal shelter to find their new puppy. Sure, the puppy may not have a long lineage of show dogs or be a full breed. However, puppies for adoption can offer the same amount of love and loyalty as a full bred puppy. It all boils down to preference whether it is based on financial or personal factors. In this article I will guide you through the best venues available when it comes to puppies for adoption.

Of course your local animal shelter of Humane Society is always a great start. Places like this are there just for that purpose. Abandoned and stray animals are brought to such said shelters in hopes that someone will want to adopt them. Puppies for adoption offer some things that puppies purchased through breeders or pet stores may not. Puppies for adoption are current on shots and basic medical care, and have often been tested for temperament. This is one reason I suggest shelters to families with small children that are looking for a pet. This compatibility screening helps ensure the safety of the animal as well as that of the family. Some shelters even offer websites so you can browse puppies for adoption before you drive to the location.

In addition to your local animal rescues, you can also find puppies for adoption through Craigslist.org under the “pets” category. While it is illegal by Craigslist standards to outright sell animals on Craigslist it is not uncommon to find animals available for adoption purposes.

Some pet stores offer monthly adoption drives within their stores. Companies such as Pet’s Mart do things like this on a regular basis. While these puppies may cost a little more than at a shelter, it is under the pretense of adoption.

With so many animals in shelters, adoption is crucial. Puppies for adoption are just as cute, playful, and full of love as any other type of puppy. In fact, it has been said that puppies that were rescued tend to be more attached to their owners when compared to puppies that have been obtained in other manners. There are many types of puppies available for adoption every day, just waiting for a loving family or individual to take them home. Adopting a puppy can fulfill your life and home unlike anything else. Before you buy, consider adopting your next puppy.

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