Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Dog Eating Grass

Dogs are not at all herbivore; then why do they eat grass. Does it feel tasty or there are some other reasons? You must have seen your dog, eating mouthful of grass and then immediately vomit it out. If this is the first dog in your house, you may notice this habit in your dog and get confused. Actually, it is quite normal phenomenon of dogs. Now, experts come with several reasons of dogs eating grass. We are explaining those today in this article.

1. They Eat Grass to Vomit

According to popular belief, dogs eat grass when they nauseate. Many dog lovers say that their pet gets straight and make a gesture that they are swallowing the grass and within a moment they vomit it. Many people believe it is a way of self-medication for the dogs when their tummy troubles. But, according to present studies, experts say that it is rare that dog vomit by eating grass when they are ill. There must be some other potential signs too for illness.

2. Dietary Deficiency

Many people believe that the diet that is provided to the dog is not enough and they suffer from dietary deficiencies. Then they go for eating grass. Though it is quite lame reason, still dogs can’t protest. Why to take chance? Give your dog the best and adequate diet for their well-being.

3. A Tendency from Ancestors

This one is quite interesting and may be true too. Actually, in the wild, at ancient time, dogs were carnivore and they used to prey the plant eating animals. No matter they have become omnivore, but the tendencies of their ancestors have remained in them and that’s why they eat grass sometime to feel better.

4. Your Dog Has Been Bored

Have you noticed when your dog is eating more grass? Is it when you are not taking it for walking or running? Then, it can be a gesture out of boredom. Maybe they want to chew something and grass is the easiest option. Take it for regular exercising session and give it a chew material so that it won’t eat grass.

Why dogs eat grass is really confusing. But, you still need to be alert for any other changes in behavior. If it is suffering from any illness or this grass eating habits grow, take it to the vet to detect the proper reason.

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