Why Dog-Proofing Is Needed before Bringing a new Dog at House


Whenever you think of pets, you should remember that it is a huge responsibility. A pet, especially dogs are like child of your house and you need to take care of them properly. So, only go for a dog while you and your family members are ready to accept it.

Now, having a dog is really an experience of fun and enjoyment. When you surprise your little kid with a puppy, h/she will love you more. But, you need to take certain precautions before bringing your canine friend at home. Dogs, especially puppies like to explore. To get adjusted with a new environment, they will explore your house with noses and mouth. You need to prepare your house so that no harm happens. How will you do it? Have a look.

Don’t Leave Objects on Floor


Puppies will follow you wherever you go. They like to explore house by chewing and testing things. Never leave any objects on the floor which can cause accidents like chocking. Remove paperclips, safety pins, rubber bands, marbles and any other objects which they may find interesting to taste.

Keep Steady Objects around

If your puppy likes to play with the unstable coffee table and thus, all knick-knacks get broken while playing, you can’t blame the little one. The best thing you can do is to make those unstable objects stable so that those won’t fall on the puppy and hurt it.

Avoid Strangulation Hazards


You may have seen your puppy finds it very interesting to play with the loose ends of curtains or the hanging cords of blinds. You should keep these things away from the reach of your pup to avoid any kind of strangulation hazards.

Take Care of Your Electrical Cords

Electrical Cords

Never leave any cords within reach of puppy as it can cause burn and electrocution hazards. Puppies get tempted to all these and start chewing. Make sure that all cords are taped well and hide those behind furniture so that the little one stay out of those.

Remove Dustbins

trash can kitchen

Puppies, especially adopted dogs often get very sensitive from garbage and often get poisoned. So, make sure they don’t jump over the garbage bins and scatter everything around. Keeping this away from your pup will save you from additional labor too.

With these simple tips you can prepare your house to welcome your new guest at your house.

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