Wolf puppies facts

Wolf puppies

Wolf puppies with their furry coat and sharp nose are adorable creatures. How much of an ideal domestic pet they would make is always a question which has invited a lot of debate as they belong to the wild and hence cannot be trained to be a domestic pet.

Wolf pups after remaining in the womb of the mother for around sixty three days are born deaf and blind. They need to fully taken care of by their mother. The mother nurses them for a couple of weeks till their eyes open. It is only after a much longer period (four to five weeks) that they begin to feed on meat. Until then they live on the mother’s milk.

After around six weeks, the wolf puppies begin to socialise. Well, they like humans decide on common meeting spots and ‘hang’ around with their playmates. Wolf puppies are extremely playful and have a wonderful time chasing each other and playing with fellow puppies. Most of the games that they indulge in are seen as a preparation for survival in the wild. For example, they play with dead animals’ carcass, feathers and bones and pretend to kill tem repeatedly. Many of their games are quite similar to a dog’s play.

Many of the wolf pups are prone to being devoured by the eagles and bears. The mothers go great lengths to protect her off springs. Many wolf puppies die due to malnutrition and starvation too. Life in the wild is no bed of roses for these adorable wolf puppies.

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