Your Guide to Dog Clothes

Dog Clothes

Everywhere you look dogs are wearing dog clothes. There are so many different styles to choose from so how does one choose? It is important to only dress your dog in what they are comfortable in or they could end up being very unhappy.

Before you even choose the style of your dog’s dog clothes you need to determine their size. A full grown black lab is not going to fit into the same shirt that a chihuahua can. Most pet store associates can help you with this. They will help your dog try on clothes and they can help you to determine the perfect size for your dogs clothes.

Once you have the right size picked out it is time to work on the style of your dog’s dog clothes. Not all dogs will like Couture. Some dogs will prefer a simple t-shirt. The only way to find out is to start trying some different styles on. If your dog gets finicky when you put a blazer on him, this is probably not the best choice. Try a simple t-shirt and see how he feels. If he acts normal, then the t-shirt is perfect for him.

Sometimes you may have a formal event going on in which your dog will be a part of. Just like humans, you can rent a tuxedo or evening gown for your dog. You can also purchase them outright. Dogs may not like being all dressed up so make sure that you have the right size so it is at least comfortable for them. Also, don’t leave your dog in these clothes for any longer than necessary.

Dog Duffle Coat
Dog clothes can get expensive just like human clothes. Many human clothing designers also design dog clothes and they will cost just as much. All pet stores have a large variety of dog clothes. Some super stores do as well. These types of stores will have similar styles at a fraction of the price. You may love your dog, but a $500.00 shirt is still expensive anyway you look at it.

You will want to make sure that your dog clothes are made with quality materials. Dogs will play and like kids, playing can lead to stains, rips and tears. If you purchase quality dog clothes there is a lesser chance of them being destroyed. They may cost you a few bucks more, but you will save money in the long run.

Dog clothes also consist of shoes, booties, hats, raincoats and jackets. Dogs get cold too. If you walk your dog a lot in the rain, pick him up a raincoat so he can stay dry too. You can also pick him up a coat or jacket for those cold days when you will be walking him.

Dog clothes have come a long way throughout the years. If you can find it for a human, you can find it for a dog. Just like humans, dogs like comfort and they have their own personalities. Keep this in mind when buying clothes for your dog.

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